Hey ... you made it here. Congrats. So, what are you gonna find here? Just some stuff about me and the things that I like to do, follow and fool around with. And you may even run across something that you're interested in as well that we can kick around. I am a very curious person ... and I don't like to not know how to do anything ... so if you have figured out anything cool or useful to do with the stuff that I'm into ... I'd love to hear about it. I may even have a few insights to share with you as well.

Right now ... and for the last couple of months ... I'm stoked about my 'Cats since the hiring of John Calipari! Wish the season started tomorrow. In case you've been living under a rock lately, or just don't have any clue about what or who I'm talking about, go to my UK Wildcats page for more info. Time for a little KNH background info here ... I'm a HUGE sports fan ... always have been ... always will be. My favorite spectator sports are (in this order):

  1. College Basketball
  2. Pro Football
  3. College Football
  4. Auto Racing (all types)
  5. Major League Baseball
  6. Extreme Sports

College Basketball :: No contest about my favorite sport. March Madness is the best time of the year for a sports fan and the Big Dance is the #1 sporting event for me. And, just in case you haven't gathered as much yet, I'm a UK Wildcat fan ... a proud card-carrying member of the Big Blue Nation. If you don't know what the Big Blue Nation is, don't worry about it ... you just wouldn't understand.

Pro Football & College Football :: Actually #2 and #3 are just about a tie as far as being a favorite. Probably just depends on exactly how close it is to which season starting. As far as Pro Football goes ... I pull for the Dallas Cowboys. Have been since the late 70's and early 80's. And yes, even through the 1-15 seasons. I'm always watching on Sundays ... or any other days they're on ... and love to go to a pro game. Been several times to see the Cowboys play ... in Texas Stadium. I cannot wait for my first chance to see America's Team in the new Cowboys Stadium. In case you haven't seen this stadium, you gotta check it out ... here. Yup, that's $1.15 billion to build. The Cowboys don't do anything small. More info about its construction can be found at Wikipedia.


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